Belted Galloways at Warren Hill

Four Belted Galloway (Belties) cows arrived at Warren hill this afternoon.  They will be there for three to four weeks.

Getting ready to unload the Belties

They have come from NT Woolbeding, near Midhurst and seemed very keen to leave the trailer and explore their temporary new home.

Belties leaving the trailer

With no trouble at all they all left the trailer and quickly made their way up the path.

4 Belties out of the trailer and heading out to their new temporary home

Belties heading up the track

When we finally caught up with them they were already happily grazing.

Belties grazing

Although they were a little bit nervous, having just arrived at a new place, they showed their gentle and placid natures by approaching us to use the mineral lick.

Belties at the mineral lick bucket

They also seemed quite curious about us.

Belties looking at Andy and Alison

The National Trust and a group of volunteers will be keeping an eye on the Belties during their stay.


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