September field days

The ‘theme’ for the September field days at Sullington Warren and Sandgate Park was removing saplings from the heath land.

On the second Saturday in September we pulled saplings from the wet heath area near the Water Lane fire access.  On the fourth Saturday we pulled saplings from the heather bank opposite the bench on the path from Sandgate Lane.

At Sullington Warren the material we pulled up was bagged up and removed from the site. Loading the trailer

At Sandgate Park we had a bonfire which although smokey burned pretty well.Dry heather bank with smokey bonfire in background

Some people may wonder why we spend so much time taking care of the heather and why we don’t let the trees grow and replace the heather.  Not everyone likes the heather, and that is OK because we can’t all like the same things.  But both sites are maintained with nature conservation in mind and the dry and wet heather areas are valuable wildlife habitats.  If the trees were allowed to encroach on the heather there would only be trees but with the heath areas maintained both sites have a mosaic of different habitats, including wet and dry heathland and woodland, and so support a wide range of different species.

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