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All of the Society’s newsletters are available online as PDF files.  Paper newsletters will continue to be distributed to members of the Society with the latest edition being made available online later during that year.

The newsletters hold a wealth of interesting information including subjects like the history of the Sandgate area and events that were current at the time but now may be of historical interest.

Newsletters’ contents list

A major problem is finding the information in the newsletters.  Whilst the editorial in each newsletter gives an indication of the subjects addressed in that newsletter finding out the range of subjects covered by the newsletters or a particular topic addressed in one or more editions is time-consuming.

This problem was recognised early on and this contents list was included in edition 28 covering the contents of the first 28 editions.

But a contents list covering all of the newsletters is required.  To this end a new contents list has been produced.  The aim has been to include the major instances of subjects  specifically related to the Sandgate Conservation Society, including the history, geography and natural history of the Sandgate area.  Recurring subjects such as field day reports and ‘Weather Watch’ have not been included in the contents list.

The new contents list is a ‘living document’ and will be updated from time to time with new entries. If you think that a subject covered by one or more newsletters is missing from the contents list just let us know.  If you can provide the newsletter edition and page details, so much the better.  Also,  it is probably inevitable that mistakes have crept into the contents list.  If you spot any please let us know.

The format of the contents list is Subject | Newsletter edition number | page number.  Note that the page numbering of the earlier editions of the newsletters varied between editions i.e. sometimes the cover page was page 1 and sometimes it was not numbered.  The newsletter page numbers have been used.

There will be interesting information that has not been included in the contents list, so do take time to explore the newsletters.

Newsletter links

Links to these files are provided over two pages. One page covers the newsletters from No.1 produced in 1975 to the Silver Jubilee edition in autumn 1999.  The second page has the newsletters from the year 2000 to the present date.

1975 – 1999

2000 –

Sandgate Conservation Society

Events and meetings leading up to formation of the Society

Early Society information leaflet

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