Sandgate Park – Habitats

Sandgate Park is a 30 acre countryside area consisting of a range of different habitats, comprising:

  • 22 acres of woodland, which includes some fine oaks and bluebells in spring;
  • about 5 acres of dry and wet heathland;
  • around 2 acres of grassland;
  • 4 ponds; and
  • watercourses running through the site.

Sandgate Bridge built by Roy ArmstrongSandgate Park is home to various species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates as well as trees, shrubs, heathers, mosses, spring flowers and fungi.

Grass snakes (Credit: Stuart Card)

Local nature conservationist, Les Allen-Williams, would be very interested in your sightings of plant and animal species on Sandgate Park. These need not be just rare or unusual species; if common species are not recorded we will not have a record that they are there. Records from people with special knowledge of a particular type of plant or animal so that they are able to provide a reliable identification are especially welcome, but good photographs which allow the identification of the species are also very useful. Les can be contacted onĀ



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